Marsha Martin-Yates is an African American woman, born deep in the Mississippi Delta.  She is a writer and actress. She is the author of, “Life Is But A Four-Leaf Clover”. This book is the first book she has ever written. In a race to tell her story about the goodness of the Lord, our God, she recounts in her memoir her trials and tribulations. She also discusses the mercy and grace that God has bestowed in her life.  She has made appearances in several stage plays in the Chicago area.  She strives to exude a strong loving, positive presence in the world. Marsha’s family life is one full of love and support. To date, she lives in Chicago with her husband. 

She holds the belief that if you believe you can do something then it can be done. As evidence, she went back to school in 2008. She is now a graduate of Olive-Harvey College, where she earned an Associate in Art. She continued her education at Robert Morris University where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration. A hard working student, she complied with all the requirements for and was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. 

Her belief that, “one must be strong, to hold on” has motivated her to write her memoir. She finds that life’s tests are only a platform for a testimony. Her prayer is that her story strengthens others as they go through life’s tribulations.  Her mantra is to work hard and never give up on life or your dreams, live to add love in the world, and never give into evil doings. 

Marsha Martin-Yates